Mizmor LeDavid meets Kabbalat Shabbat, Shabbat morning, Shabbat mincha and weekday mornings. Davening is Sfard Modern Orthodox Carlebach.

8:30 am on Shabbat, Borchu at 9:15, ending around 11:30. 8 am on weekdays. Times may be different on holidays; we have a musical participatory Hallel during Chol Hamoed.

Friday night 20 minutes after candle-lighting, 7 pm during the summer.


Mizmor LeDavid meets at the Mesorati High School, 8 Beitar Street, in the auditorium. There is another minyan that meets there, we are the one further north. Accessible from Beitar, the single gate at the bottom of the semi-circle of steps, or from the north end of Efrata Street, through the gate on the right, then turn left.

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