During Corona restrictions, classes are online.
Classes are in English, times are approximate and learning is in a “chabura” style giving everyone a chance to participate. For information, call Chaim at 058-671-3614

Jewish Mysticism – Zohar, Kitvei Ari and the Chassidic Masters

Aryeh Rottenberg, 07:30-08:00

Davening 08:00 to 09:00

Aryeh Rottenberg, 09:15-10:15

Rav Kook – Shmoneh Kvatzim

Aryeh Rottenberg , Rav Chaim Kornberg, Drew Tick, 10:15-11:15

Talmud – Masechet Ktubot

Rav Chaim Kornberg, Drew Tick 11:15-11:45

Monday and Thursday

Parshat Hashavua – Chumash with Rashi for beginners

Rav Chaim Kornberg, Drew Tick 9:15-10:15


Mizmor LeDavid meets at the Mesorati High School, 8 Beitar Street, in the auditorium. There is another minyan that meets there, we are the one further north. Accessible from Beitar, the single gate at the bottom of the semi-circle of steps, or from the north end of Efrata Street, through the gate on the right, then turn left.

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