Membership and High Holiday Seating Application Form

We welcome new members and friends who daven with us. Please fill out the online Membership Form and indicate your payment method and amount.

Membership 5782 (2023-2024)

Single  NIS 600                                                                                                                                                                      plus adult seat nis 200    child seat nis150    guest seat nis 200 (each holiday)

Couple  NIS 1100                                                                                                                                                                    plus each adult seat nis 200    child seat nis 150    guest seat nis 200 (each holiday)

Associate  NIS 250 nis.  no seat option

Soldier or Sherut Leumi   High Holiday seats are free.

Payment options for Dues and Donations


Transfer to or Enter any Bank Hapoalim
Bank 12 Branch 748 Account 445536
IBAN IL020127480000003965333 Mizmor LeDavid
Mizmor le David, Bank Hapoalim, Derech Hebron Branch
(For Building Fund, account #468765.  All other details are identical.)

Check mailed to or in mailbox at:
Mizmor LeDavid, c/o Kummer, Giladi 2a, Jerusalem 93385
max 3 payments one month apart

US Dollars 

Make check out to  Central Fund of Israel 
In the Memo section, write who the money is for:
Mizmor LeDavid Building, Kehillat Mizmor LeDavid, or Mizmor LeDavid Keren Doris Charitable Fund
Mail the check to CFI c/o Jmark Interiors, Inc., 461 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 or to CFI Rechov HaGoel 13, Efrat 9043500 Israel

We also appreciate volunteers to help with activities.

Contact us for more information.


Mizmor LeDavid meets at the Mesorati High School, 8 Beitar Street, in the auditorium. There is another minyan that meets there, we are the one further north. Accessible from Beitar, the single gate at the bottom of the semi-circle of steps, or from the north end of Efrata Street, through the gate on the right, then turn left.

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