(Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25)

(Haftara: Isaiah 49:14-51:3)

(Pirkay Avot Chapter 5)

  1. [10:16]     “Circumcise the foreskin of your heart…”  Circumcision is a sign of the covenant (agreement) between God and the Jewish people. Why is this sign on the sexual organ?   What does it mean to “circumcise the heart”?
  1. [10:20] “…and to Him you will cling…”   How does one “cling” or “stick” to God?  How does one cling or stick to God in everyday life?
  1. [Isaiah 50:1] “…where is your mother’s document of divorce [from Me]…” The relationship between God and the Jewish people is sometimes expressed in the image of a husband and wife, or of two lovers. Why is this a good image for the relationship between God and the Jewish people?
  1. [Pirkay Avot 5:10] “There are 7 qualities in a wise person: …he doesn’t interrupt another’s speech, he answers clearly without confusion, he asks according to the subject and answers properly, he answers in the order of the subjects raised…he admits to the truth”. The Torah wants everyone to try to develop these qualities. Are these qualities within the reach of every person? What kind of personality is the Torah trying to build?
  1. [Pirkay Avot 5:16-19] “Any love that is dependent on something–when the thing is gone, the love is also gone. But a love that is not dependent on anything never ceases.” We are told to “Love the person next to you like you love yourself” (Vayikra 19:18).  The Torah wants us to love ourselves. Is our love for ourselves a love that is dependent on something or a love that is not dependent on anything?


Every person has  the ability to enrich the whole world from his spiritual treasure-house, should he have the strength to reveal it. And this refers not only to the wise and learned, but also to a simple person. The natural wealth which is in the soul is immeasurable since it is the light of God in the world.

  1. Avraham Y. H. Kuk, 1865-1935, Lithuania and Israel.

This study page is dedicated to the memory of Gad Eliahu ben David and Kochava–Eli Zucker

And to the memory of Sarah Beila Kummer bat Yitzchak and Chana, Chaim Yosef Yechiel ben Eliyahu Kummer and Eliyahu and Margaret Kummer



Mizmor LeDavid meets at the Mesorati High School, 8 Beitar Street, in the auditorium. There is another minyan that meets there, we are the one further north. Accessible from Beitar, the single gate at the bottom of the semi-circle of steps, or from the north end of Efrata Street, through the gate on the right, then turn left.

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