(Numbers: 4:21-7:89)

(Haftara: Shoftim 13:2-25)

(Pirkay Avot: Chapter 1)

  1. [6:1] The nazir chooses an ascetic way of life. In many religious traditions, an ascetic becomes part of the religious establishment, but for us, the nazir remains an ordinary citizen. What does this fact tell us about Judaism?
  1. [6:7] A Kohen may attend the funeral of a close relative, but a nazir may not. Why should the law of a nazir be stricter than the law of a Kohen?
  1. [6:25-26] “May God shine His face toward you…” What does it mean for God to shine His face toward someone? What does it mean for God to hide His face?
  1. [Haftara: Judges 13:3] Our tradition tells us that God prefers to work within the laws of nature, rather than do miracles. Miracles are only for special situations. If so, why did an angel tell Samson’s mother about Samson’s birth? Why couldn’t a human prophet have told her?
  1. [Pirkay Avot 1:1] “They said 3 things…set up many students…” Why is the advice here to set up many students. Wouldn’t one have more of a positive influence on his generation and on future generations by writing many books?


When one truly looks at the good side of each and every person, one comes to love people with a deep love. One has no need for even the slightest flattery, because one’s interest in the good that one constantly meets, hides all the negative aspects from him.

–R. Avraham Y. H. Kuk, 1865-1935, Lithuania and Israel.

This study page is dedicated to the memory of Gad Eliahu ben David and Kochava—Eli Zucker

And this study page is dedicated to the memory of Sarah Bella bat Yitzchak Kummer, Chaim Yosef Yechiel ben Eliyahu Kummer and Eliyahu and Margaret Kummer




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